Our Process

"I view diversification not only as a survival strategy but as an aggressive strategy, because the next windfall might come from a surprising place. I want to make sure I'm exposed to it."

- Peter Bernstein, author and accomplished investor

We Develop Goals and Objectives
We commit to understanding every important element of your financial situation. We review your important paperwork—current statements, insurance policies, estate documents, and tax returns. Then we focus on the critical questions you have and listen as we learn what is most important to you—your personal financial goals and priorities.

We Develop a Plan
Based on your current needs and future objectives, we carefully explore all strategies, plans, and courses of action suited for your unique financial position. We then prepare a custom financial plan containing our recommendations to each critical piece of your financial puzzle: investments, retirement planning, estate planning, tax matters, insurance, and financial decision making.

We Discuss & Implement Your Plan
Next, we meet to review our financial plan for you, explaining the basis for the recommendations we have chosen. Because our ultimate purpose is to meet your financial goals and implement a successful plan on your behalf, it is imperative that you understand and are comfortable with our approach. We will take the time to discuss issues and modify our recommendations as necessary.

We Monitor Your Progress
We continually track your custom plan and investment strategies and recommend reviewing the entire plan with you on an annual basis to make updates that reflect any changes to your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.